Hello, I’m Jen Rollins – Empath, Intuitive, Coach, Medium, Healer, and Strategist

My Offerings Include:


Intuitive, Tarot, and Medium Readings

  • Are you in a standstill or feel overwhelmed with where your life is and would love messages from your Spirit Team to help guide you?
  • Do you have a feeling things need to change but you don’t know where to start?
  • Would you like to hear messages and guidance from loved ones who passed over?

As an Intuitive and Medium, I’m able to tap into things that are affecting you influencing you, and potentially blocking you from moving forward on your path to great joy, bliss, and happiness.  I connect with my spirit guides, your spirit guides and passed loved ones, Source Energy, Reiki, and my intuition to gather guidance, symbols, visions, mantras, and messages and share them with you or your group

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 Building a Bridge to Further Self-Compassion

Build a Bridge to Better Self-Compassion Group Class – Starts January 22, 2018

  • Are you standing in the way of our own successes and sabotage by letting negative self-talk creep into our thoughts and dreams?
  • Are you tired of being your own worst enemy?
  • Are you aware of what you’re doing but aren’t sure of where to start making a change?

I know what this is like because I’ve lived it and been there. I’ve been the person that questions everything someone has said over and over, even the good things, thinking I should have done better, been better, and talked to myself horribly. It’s a tiresome cycle.

The good news is that there are ways to move past this and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or all or nothing. It’s about looking at yourself and your life from a place of kindness and compassion. You can throw little rocks of care for yourself into the water and watch the ripples move outwards. You don’t have to carry this with you into 2018.

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Soul Fuelled NLP Counsellor, Coach, Guide, and Support

For a long time I walked through life giving ALL THE FUCKS. I cared about everything and everyone and as an empath, it caused me to lose myself. Not only did I put on a lot of weight to protect and guard myself from the world, I also picked up a lot of broken people along the way because trying to fix them felt good. I sabotaged and filled all of my free time to keep from focusing on my own needs and healing. One day I decided enough was enough and I stepped into a self-awareness journey to figure out where to focus my fucks and to find out who I truly was – flaws and all. 

Making real changes takes bravery, drive, and the willingness to go into your deepest darkest places. Status quo is comfortable and known…it feels like a vanilla latte from your favourite coffee shop – warm, sweet, consistent and you what to expect. Being adventurous and brave means that you’re constantly changing things up – adding whipped cream, trying almond milk, moving onto a new espresso, adding that weird looking syrup. It’s about trusting you have all of resources within you to change things up and be in a safe place, even if coconut milk isn’t your jam, at least you tried and that’s worth celebrating!

Going through the process of healing myself while reducing past trauma and increasing resilience for the future brought many people to me who wanted to do the same, so I dug myself into further classes, certifications, and wisdom and here I am.


As your soul fuelled counsellor, coach, support, and guide. I’ll help you navigate the uncomfortable stuff, connect to your truest self, and remind you of how amazing you are.

  • Figure out where to focus your fucks and energy
  • See your life and challenges from a different perspective
  • Grow in your own truth
  • Free yourself from labels and boxes and live your life out loud
  • Open yourself up to your deepest dreams and desires
  • Learn how to tune in and really listen to your intuition and gut
  • Move through your fears and doubts, and make an action plan

18-berry branch

My dream clients are people who are opening themselves to healing through inner work and want to get further in touch with their intuition and are tired of carrying around old patterns and beliefs. People who are soul tired and bored with where they are in life, even if things look damn good from the outside.

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We can work together in a number of awesome ways:

I love connecting with people. If you have any questions or ideas to work together or build amazing things, reach out! Contact me anytime.


“I have had two reading and both were calming and lifted my heart. I have been read before and would highly suggest Jen for anyone who is interested in a reading. She is easy to relate to and her explanation to what need to be passed on easy to pick up and relate to. I will be strongly recommending her to my friend and family. What a enlightening way to start the New Year.”

Karrie Kowalyk

“Jen is a gift. Metaphorically speaking, she was able to lift me out of a dark crevice this past Thanksgiving. She can resolve confusion like a drop of biodegradable soap in a pool of dirty water. Her readings are accessible online, which not only is convenient, but you can take some solids notes after, and share with your Mom if she’s interested! I trust her teachings, as she carves her own way as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, I value her time, because she is fair with her prices, and her incredible insight has restored my hope. She is generous with her intuitive ability, and what an intelligent communicator, getting to the heart of a problem without making it an emotional process. Though I may add, that Jen is quite a loveable character. I only wish her healing intentions great success! & May her deep awareness and natural flow of wisdom help many others out there.”

Erin Judith