Who is a High Vibrational Entrepreneur?

A high vibrational entrepreneur is a business owner or consultant who looks at things from a logical perspective as well as a vibration one. They know the impact of their energy on their business and that resonates deeply. They connect the dots between making money and having a higher path to help their communities and in turn, the world.

They’re usually sensitive and can pick up on someone’s feelings even before they talk. They can tell someone’s mood immediately. Because of this, they’ve learned to pay close attention to their intuition and gut instincts. They’re open-minded about the world around them and the impact they are having to other people, animals, nature, and even the world as a whole. They want to leave the world having made it a better place.

They know their path or calling in this life and are willing to go for it. They see more to life than climbing a corporate ladder and want to share their knowledge and spiritual abilities with others. To serve. To help.

High vibrational entrepreneurs are:

  • Creators, writers, actors
  • Artists, musicians, dancers
  • Yoga store owners and yogis
  • Naturopaths, holistic practitioners
  • Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners
  • Reiki and healing practitioners
  • Massage therapists
  • Tarot, palm, and intuitive readers
  • Suppliers of books, cards, and crystals
  • Environmentally friendly boutique owners
  • Seamstresses, clothing designers
  • Restaurant owners, farmers, and food suppliers
  • Sustainable coffee company or local coffee shop

Anyone that has a connection to any type of higher power can be included in this list. If you stop to think about it, there is a lot of us out there.

Build Create Grow helps spiritually connected entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders with their business development, sales, and marketing strategies. As high vibration entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re very excited to meet you. Contact us today for your complimentary 30-minute consultation call.


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