Client Case Studies

For the past 20 years, Jennifer Rollins has built a reputation for helping small, medium, and large businesses stand out and increase sales. Here are some of the results:

For an eCommerce store with 100+ handmade products

  • Goals were to increase online sales and combine two websites into one (Shopify). After doing keyword research and search analysis, came up with a strategy for their current site and products as well as ideas for new collections. Provided onpage optimization including SEO copywriting on products and an internal linking structure to show related products.
  • After 6 weeks, the Shopify website visits increased 237% (search traffic went up 271%) which lead to 1,432% in more sales. The conversion rate went up 167% and average order went up 70%.

For a healer with a focus on online courses

  • After learning more about their  business, market, and goals, assisted with moving the client into a new passive income stream of paid online courses and repurposing current materials.
  • Assisted in a new website build including a digital marketing strategy and strategy for implementing Simplero – marketing automation software to increase sales and build a higher converting email campaigns.

For an eCommerce (500+ products) client with two brick and mortar stores 

  • Took them through a full marketing strategy, goal setting, and budget meeting to discuss differentiators, target markets, tools, and happiness factors.
  • After implementing the strategy including search engine optimization and eCommerce website writing and Google Adwords campaigns, online sessions went up 19.01%, page views went up 9.89%, and bounce rate went down 9.97%. Foot traffic went up, which resulted in higher sales and better-informed buyers.

For a services based client with one brick and mortar store  

  • After assisting with marketing strategy and a new eCommerce site – sessions went up 53%, new visitors have gone up 44.39%, and conversions have gone up 166.67%. 

For a national eCommerce client with one brick and mortar stores 

  • After implementing marketing strategy to increase the sales of one of their best-selling product lines – online sessions went up 9.37%, bounce rate went down 12%, pages per session went up 47%, and eCommerce transactions up 8.43% 

For a national online retailer (100+ products) with a brick and mortar store

  • After assisting with a new website build, online marketing strategy, and implementation – pages per session went gone up from 5.12 to 9.02 (66% change), bounce rate has gone down from 41% to 4.47% (89% lower), new sessions (brand new users) went up 7.43% and eCommerce conversions went up 7.39%.

For an international software company 

  • As Senior Business Development Manager – meet and exceeded monthly, quarterly and monthly sales targets that stretched to over $400,000 in the first year and $1.2 million going forward. Average sale $25,000.
  • Increased online conversions over 300% and search engine referral traffic by 19.7% in the first 6 months as part of the marketing team. 

For a website development company 

  • As a Senior Business Development Manager –  closed over 1.3 million in revenue as the top sales person in the company. Also initiated an online marketing partnership with a large media outlet. Maintained a closing ratio of 67-70% with the average sales person being at 50-55%.
  • Created a staff retention and recruitment strategy which included a social media component. Since this retention strategy was put into place, it decreased the staff turnover from 37% to 13%.

For a small, locally focused IT recruitment company 

  • In the first six months, prospected 35 new companies, secured face to face meetings with 25 of these companies and had signed fee agreements from 17.
  • Prospects to face to face meetings was 72%, prospects to signed agreements was 49%. 
  • Had a closing ratio of 62% with an average placement fee of $14,560 with a 0% fall off percentage. 
  • Increased the revenue generated by the IT recruitment desk by 231%

For a large, nationally focused IT recruitment company

  • Placed an average of 70 consultants and permanent candidates a year. This added up to over $750K in yearly revenue, an amount that was 233% above the average revenue generated by other recruiters within the company. 

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