Intuitive Marketing & Business Strategies

Build Create Grow – Marketing and Business Strategies 

I have worked in business development, sales, and marketing for over 20 years. During this timeframe, I’ve worked on some pretty amazing projects with companies big and small, gained a ton of experience, and won some fantastic awards along the way. I will continue to work on projects that fuel my creativity and challenge me, with clients that appreciate my experience and expertise.

Projects that would spark my interest right now:

  • Lead Generation Campaigns – using Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn and Twitter advertising, YouTube advertising, re-marketing and retargeting, social media marketing, shopping cart optimization, conversion rate optimization, and/or email marketing.
  • Business Revitalization – bringing life and spark back into a business from a marketing and sales standpoint. Connecting back to your why.
  • Fun Marketing Campaign Strategies – wanting to really crush your competitors with creative, fun, and maybe even a little daring marketing campaigns.
  • Leadership Consultation – helping you lead and communicate with your team(s) better to reach your strategic business goals, especially around employee retention/reducing churn.
  • New Market Strategies – going after new target markets and areas.
  • Overarching digital marketing and sales strategies – l love seeing how everything can come together to generate sales and conversions.
  • Anything cool and exciting – I’d love to hear about your business’ needs, goals, and roadblocks and help you come up with creative ways to reach them.

If you’re interested talking more about  strategic marketing and business development consultation for your business, I can be reached at or call/text 250-650-1828.


“I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer in the Fall of 2016, as I was transitioning out of 10 years of running a successful in-person business, to the new world of online business. Jennifer masterfully utilizes creative and comprehensive strategies to help business owners focus their goals, discover their true target market, and determine a true valuation of your goods and services. Through this process, she will challenge you, by asking the hard questions (the ones we like to avoid as entrepreneurs), but this comes from a place of unwavering support and belief in her clients and their dreams. It’s not always easy, but it is worth it! You will leave having a stronger understanding of your business, your goals, and yourself. 

With newfound understanding and focus, Jennifer then guides you step by step on how to implement changes and integrate new systems into your business so you can actively pursue your goals. Knowing my focus was on taking the success I had seen in an in-person business, online, Jennifer worked with me to optimize my Youtube Channel and Website to reflect my dynamic personality. Since then I have seen increased demand for my services from clients who value the expertise I provide. I am no longer underselling my worth!

If you are not a terribly technology savvy person, fear not! Jennifer will walk you through it personally and then follow up with emails with that review her instructions. She provides suggestions on task timelines, follows up with support, and remains flexible to changes that may occur as you work through the process of implementing her strategies.

Working with Jennifer gave me the confidence I needed to make my business work for me. I have set better boundaries both professionally and personally thanks to her coaching. I am a much happier entrepreneur because I have learned the worth of my services and my time. I look forward to working with Jennifer again in the future when I am ready to take the next big leap in my business!” – Jessica Griffin, Intellidance.

“Jen’s work catapulted our event’s online presence and she was instrumental in engaging online ambassadors and advocates for Bust a Move, inspiring them to use their digital tools to make an impact for breast cancer patients throughout the province. The event has become a signature event for the Alberta Cancer Foundation, consistently raising $400,000 a year since March 2012. To see the transformation of a community based fundraiser of 400 movers and shakers to a national trending event on Twitter was truly incredible. Jen helped set up initial concepts and standards for the Foundation which has been adapted across numerous other programs. Thank you Jen for your diligence and passion– you’re truly the “breast”!” – Brooke Rose, Alberta Cancer Foundation