“Jen is a gift. Metaphorically speaking, she was able to lift me out of a dark crevice this past Thanksgiving. She can resolve confusion like a drop of biodegradable soap in a pool of dirty water. Her readings are accessible online, which not only is convenient, but you can take some solids notes after, and share with your Mom if she’s interested! I trust her teachings, as she carves her own way as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, I value her time, because she is fair with her prices, and her incredible insight has restored my hope. She is generous with her intuitive ability, and what an intelligent communicator, getting to the heart of a problem without making it an emotional process. Though I may add, that Jen is quite a loveable character. I only wish her healing intentions great success! & May her deep awareness and natural flow of wisdom help many others out there.”

Erin Judith

“I’ve had the opportunity to take some of Jen’s classes, receive coaching, as well as I’ve had a few readings. Jen really takes her time to help me work through & process the messages she has to share with me. She has an amazing way of framing and guiding me through the processes we may be working on, leaving me feeling supported and stronger, able to reflect upon and face some difficult things head on. I find her sessions very accurate and they totally resonate with me. I also loves Jen’s honesty and humbleness about the issues she herself has worked through. She’s real. She’s overcome real issues in her own life and I find it refreshing and motivating when she shares her experiences. In many different ways, she shows me I’m not alone.”

Carmen Brotherston

“Spend an hour with Jen. It’s worth it. She listens, hard. Bring a pen, an open mind, and she’s going to change your life. If you’ve been figuratively holding your breath for sometime now get ready for the best exhale ever. It’ll be a big blustery gust of fresh air that’ll clear the dust off of things you forgot that you loved and breathe new life into your hopes and dreams. Please spend an hour with Jen and get started.”

Aly Bird

Thank you for the wonderful conversation and reading. I do feel lighthearted after speaking with you, and I will make sure I take those next steps forward in my dreams and in my life that you spoke about. Thank you again for you generously sharing your time and wonderful spirit with me. Please continue to share your light with the wider world, both near and far, because we are all much better because of it.”

Joseph S.

Of the intuitive readers that I have worked with, Jennifer is by far one of my favourites. Her readings are a wonderful blend of life coaching and spiritual guidance, plus her sense of humour and amazing heart makes the experience fun and comfortable. Her reading resonated deeply with what I am working through at the moment and our call left me with increased clarity about the situations we discussed and some sage advice that has been very helpful. I plan to continue working with Jen and I highly recommend her! – Danielle Feuchtman

Danielle Fuechtmann

“Jen was the first person, since my dear friend stopped speaking, that I’ve spoken to for guidance. It seems I’m usually the strong supportive one keeping it all in and together. Jennifer’s intuition and wisdom truly helped me clear some major blockages and awaken a part of me that’s been sleeping. Thank you so much, Jen.” – Jennifer R.

Jennifer Rollins